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Suitable Gear for walking

You could ask each member about suitable gear for a walk and get different views from each of them. Basically, you have to keep warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry at all times, and carry enough to keep you orientated, fed and repaired.

For keeping warm, best wear a windproof, breathable waterproof jacket and trousers, and with gaiters if it is likely to be muddy (a common occurrence in Wales). Under the jacket, wear a shirt/vest and maybe a micro-fleece to add a layer of insulation. Gloves are a good idea and essential in cold or windy conditions. A large flask of something hot can be a lifesaver.

Keep cool by wearing light trousers (or shorts) and a light shirt or vest. The sun can be cruel on long summer days, so use suntan lotion or cover up and wear a hat, particularly if your follicles are weak. Take plenty of water - at least a litre per 5 miles on hot summer days.

You see ramblers wearing a variety of headwear in any weather: in cold winter weather, some kind of headwear is essential to prevent heat loss from the only part of your body that is not well insulated; in warm weather, a cap or hat with a peak or brim can make walking into the sun much easier by avoiding being blinded.

Boots are a particular problem. Everone has differently shaped feet. It is best to go into a good local outdoor shop for expert advice and fitting if you want to be comfortable all day.

Some accessories are essential or really useful. Always carry a whistle. If you get detached from a group and need to call the group, a whistle will carry much further than the human voice and take less energy. Always make room for basic first aid kit that you may need, for example if you have a brush with a hostile blackthorn bush or trip up on gravel or rocky terrain. In Winter, try to carry a torch: unforseen delays can lead to finish in the dark.

Some of us carry binoculars to take a closer look at the wildlife or a camera for the marvelous scenery, the varied flora of the region and shots of the group as mementos of walks.

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