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Move round the site using the multi-coloured main menu bar at the top of each page. The menu bar leads to the five sections of the site. Each section has its own colour-matched menu.

The example below shows the top of a page in which the green menu of the Walks section is active.


The page title is in brown. To the left of the title is the Help icon - tap it to return to this page.

The green menu of the Walks section contains four blue items. The Walks item is bold, confirming that it is currently selected. Tap any of the underlined Information, Grades and Gear items (all related to walking) to select other pages of the Walks secton.

Tap any of the About Us, Events, Footpaths and Contact items to view menus of other sections of the site.

Summary of the site's sections.

The About us section contains an overview of the walks and other activities that we offer, directions on how to find us and details of how to join the Ramblers Association.

Go to the Walks section for the programme of walks, walks grades and lots of other information about walking.

The Events section lists events such as coach trips, boules contests, the barbecue, the AGM and committee meetings.

The Footpaths section is about our views on footpaths. Report footpath problems using the form in the Contact section.

The Contact sections give all the data needed to get in touch with South Gwent Ramblers and the Rambers Association and include a form for getting in touch with us directly.

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