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If your message is about a footpath problem then please read the next paragraph before sending the message.

For footpath problems we will need to know the exact location of the problem so that it can be inspected: the OS Grid Reference of a problem is the usual way to pinpoint it. If the problem is more widespread, such as a length of blocked path or an area fenced off, the OS Grid References of the start and end of the problem would be ideal, but if you can give the Grid Reference of the start of the problem and its likely extent, that would help. Nearby place names would help in finding the location on a map. Be as full as you can with the nature of the problem. For example, if a stile is broken, give details of what needs to be replaced, or if a path is blocked, describe the nature of the blockage.

An alternative way of reporting footpath problems is directly to the RA.

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